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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using filmobjective.reviews, referred to as “Film Objective” or the “site.” Film Objective is owned and operated by M.C. Myers (“we,” “us,” “our”). These Terms and Conditions apply to any users, visitors, or others who access Film Objective. Accepting and complying with these terms is a condition of using the site.

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Intellectual Property

Film Objective contains original content and functionality that is the exclusive property of Film Objective unless otherwise noted.

Users may view and print material from Film Objective. However, republishing, sublicensing, selling, duplicating, reproducing, or copying the site’s original content without express written permission is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions.

User Comments

On Film Objective, users have the opportunity to post opinions, information, material, and data as comments. Comments do not reflect the opinions or views of Film Objective. Comments are the opinions and views of the user alone.

To the extent permitted by relevant laws, Film Objective will not be held responsible or liable for its users’ comments. The site is not responsible for costs, damages, liability, or other expenses caused as a result of comments posted at the discretion of our users.

Film Objective reserves the right to monitor any and all comments, as well as the sole discretion to remove any and all comments that it deems offensive or in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

By commenting on the site, you acknowledge that you are entitled to offer Personal Identifiable Information and post comments with the consent necessary to do so. By commenting, you further acknowledge that your comment does not infringe on intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, limitation copyright, and all other third-party proprietary rights. In addition, you consent that your comments do not contain unlawful, libelous, or offensive material, material that is an invasion of privacy, or any commercial or business solicitations.

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Linking Policy

Organizations that wish to link to our site’s content acknowledge that the links fit contextually in the text of the linking party’s site, are used consistently with editorial content, and do not imply false endorsement or sponsorship. We may approve any link requests on the basis of these requirements and reserve the sole discretion to deny linking requests if these requirements are not met.

These organizations can link to Film Objective without prior approval:

  • Search engines
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Approved organizations may link to our site using our corporate name (“Film Objective”), web address (filmobjective.reviews), or other descriptions of the site’s material, provided the link is presented in a logical editorial context. We reserve the sole right to determine what is and is not a logical context.

No use of Film Objective’s logo or artwork can be linked to without a trademark license agreement.

Links to Other Websites

Film Objective may contain links to third-party sites or services that are owned and controlled by those third parties. These links exist for contextually appropriate informational purposes as part of our content. We do not solicit the content or services of other sites for business, financial, or promotional purposes unless explicitly stated in the text linked to those services.

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We strongly advise you to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of any third-party websites you visit to determine how they may collect and store your personal information and what responsibilities pertain to you when using their site.

Content Liability

If you represent a site that Film Objective has linked to, you acknowledge that Film Objective will not be held responsible for your site’s content or liable for any damages that result from it. You further acknowledge that you will defend us against claims based on issues arising from your site’s content from visitors who were referred to your site from Film Objective.

Removing Links from our Website

Should you object to any links on our website, you may contact us. We will consider any requests to remove links on a case-by-case basis.

Reservation of Rights

At any time and at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to request the removal of any and all links to Film Objective. You acknowledge that you must remove any or all links upon such a request.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and at our sole discretion. If you continue to link to Film Objective, you imply agreement to these terms.

Governing Law

These terms shall be governed according to United States law without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Film Objective does not waive the rights laid out in these terms if we fail to enforce them. Additionally, if any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed unenforceable in a court of law, we do not waive the right to the remaining provisions.

These Terms and Conditions consist of the full agreement between our users and our site. They supersede any prior agreements that may exist between us.


Film Objective is an entertainment blog that offers the opinions of its contributors and commenters on art and entertainment subjects. This site’s content, including posts and comments, is not intended to be construed as legal, medical, or any advice in any official capacity. We therefore do not accept any liability resulting from potential damages caused by actions taken based on information contained on this site.

Policy Changes

At any time, Film Objective reserves the sole discretion to change or replace these Terms and Conditions. Material revisions will be given 30-days’ notice before the new conditions take effect. We reserve the sole right to determine what will be considered a material change.

By continuing to access or use Film Objective after revisions to its Terms and Conditions take effect, you acknowledge that you are bound by the conditions of the revised terms. If you dispute these revisions, or any provisions of our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or Copyright Notice, you are advised to discontinue your use of the site.

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