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Prisoners uses competent visuals and juggernaut acting to hide behind an impression of mysteriousness that its screenplay never fully justifies. Read more
Season 3 of The Mandalorian continues with high-concept stories stalled by low-effort screenplays. Read more
Malignant suffers through genre tropes to get to its meaty creativity. The question isn't whether it has any but whether it's worth the wait. Read more
Speed Racer unconventionally adapted the comic book formula to a unique emotional high that now stands out in a crowded genre. Read more
The Mandalorian slides into its third premiere without a strong suggestion that this will be more than a content extension for a profitable series. Read more
M. Night Shyamalan continues his winning streak with a well-acted high-concept thriller about the end-times. It's more smoke than fire though. Read more
Whannell drenches the action of his remake in expository relevance to cover for a lack of basic thriller rationale in the screenplay. Read more
The Tree of Life is an all-encompassing memory of a tiny life. It can't help but stand in for all of us. Read more
Avatar: The Way of Water is a monument to James Cameron's business model but stutters on every other artistic or dramatic criterion imaginable. Read more
Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio shimmers with excited physical energy but never coordinates its new story ideas with its old moral responsibilities. Read more
The Pale Blue Eye has the cast of a masterpiece and the script of a write-off. It's inoffensive afternoon viewing, but Poe would have his name removed from it. Read more
The 1951 version of Scrooge effortlessly recreates its candleglow world. This classic story has never been better. Read more