My name is M.C. Myers. I saw the original Godzilla (or its 1956 Americanization, plus one Raymond Burr and a lot of monologuing) when I was four years old. I expressed my dislike of the ending in tears and I’ve probably been a critic ever since.

I used my Literature degree to publish my first book as a research thesis called, The Early Modern Space. I have published reviews on Bright Lights Film Journal and frequently post on my Twitter account, @filmobjective. When not writing, I’m an occasional musician and avid consumer of Fellini films. And on most days, it doesn’t take much to convince me to watch Godzilla again.

I am currently accepting guest contributions to this site. I cannot pay contributors, but I can post your articles, feature them on the homepage, and Tweet them to my followers to give your work some exposure. I am also available to review new films in the form of press screenings or review codes.

If you represent an indie film, a press screener, or would like to contribute to the site, feel free to contact me at: filmobjective.reviews@gmail.com