When I saw the original Godzilla, I expressed my dislike of the ending in tears. I was four, to be fair. But I kept coming back to its dark and flickering world. It drove me to think about what fantasy is made of. Maybe I was obsessed with its potential. Or maybe I just wanted to keep Godzilla alive, even if the screen kept killing him.

I graduated in literature studies and now work as a full-time writer. I have published work on Bright Lights Film Journal as well as on my Twitter account, @filmobjective. If you would like to contribute to this site or send me a screener for a movie, I can be reached at filmobjective.reviews@gmail.com. I can’t pay contributors, but I can showcase them.

I created Film Objective to demonstrate my idea of working through a film’s objective and judging it based on how well it achieves its goals, rather than how closely it conforms to mine. The reverse seems much more common, so I wanted to create the alternative that I’ve been looking for, probably since Godzilla died.

Thanks for reading.

-M.C. Myers